Relaxation at last! The year was amazing but now is the time to chillax. Merry Christmast! This Christmas we went camping at Kangerong Holiday Park in Dromana. Weather has been nice and I’ve gone to the beach lots. In Dromana, there are waves that crash to shore taller than me! Perfect body boarding waves though. This Christmas my family and I received Nintedo-3DS-xl’s. That is a game console.

I’ll keep updating.

Synonyms and Antonyms

A synonym is a word that means relatively the same thing as another word eg.marker and texture.

An antonym is a word that means the opposite of a word, eg. bored and intrigued.

Answer the following questions as comments….

1. What is an antonym for ‘fly’?

2. Which of theses words aren’t synonyms…? – Bright, happy, cheerful, sad, colourful, bored.

3. Here is a tricky question…. What is a synonym of creature?

4. What would be an antonym for Captain Hook’s personality? What would be a synonym?

5. Are these words synonyms or an antonyms…?  Curved and straight

6. What is the antonym for first?

For more synonyms and antonyms visit the polls.



Today our school principal came to talk to us about leadership. She spoke about the responsibilities and challenges, along with the main things to keep in mind.

Leadership is about many things, one of them is listening. Being a leader you have to listen to others, respecting their ideas and responding to them if required. Another thing to keep in mind is that you have to be resilient and mentally strong. That means that you have to stand for what you think is the right decision and not let others put you down. You also need to keep a sense of humour, this means to laugh at yourself and with others, brightening up the situation. Those are only a few key leadership topics, there are many more.

Then a police officer- Sargent Shawn came to inform us more about leadership.

He said that you have to be a positive and good role model, lead by example, set the scene and be able to challenge yourself and take risks.

Rhyming Poem

There was a twinkle in the distance,

I didn’t know if it was actually in existence.

There it was again, a line of colour,

I yanked tightly, to my dog’s collar.


As I walked closer, I saw it sparkle,

It was such a splendid visual.

Soon it faded away,

I vowed to see it another day.


The very next day,

I sat at the bay,

Hoping to see it again.


To my surprise,

There before my eyes,

Was a streak of colourful light.

I watched it all night.


Homophones are words that sound the same but have a different meaning, and may have a different spelling. 

here are a few….

Bee and be- a bee is an insect that collects pollen, to do or feel something

To, two and too- to do or want something, 2 is a number, me too ( wants to joint or do somethings as well as someone else )

Rose and rose.             There, their and they’re.               Won and one.              Sore, soar and saw

Heat and here.             Carot, caret and carat.                   Kneed and need.         Knot and not

Wear and where.        Crews and cruise.                             Faun and fawn.            Lean and lean

Leak and leek.             Tee and tea.                                       Meet and meat.           Flew and  flu

Toe and tow                  Calendar and calender.                 Tale and tail.                 Ore and oar

Cheap and cheep         Son and sun.                                    Bare and bear.              Dough and doe


‘Shadow Studies’

On Monday we focused on shadows as a part of our science unit. We took photos at different times of the day to see what happens.

Below is the photo…

image This is the first photo

imageThis is the second photo

In the first photo you can see how the chalk has been traced around the shadow. In the second photo you can see the shadow has moved towards the left in a different time of the day. This is because as the Earth rotates and moves the shadow will move as well depending on the position of the Sun.

Footy Pie Day

Today was Footy Pie Day! We celebrated by coming to school in our favourite footy team’s colours or uniforms. I wore a Carlton t-shirt. In the morning we made human pie and bar graphs, with all the teams. Below are our human graphs…

image These are our pie graphsimage This is our bar graphimage

After our human graphs we worked on graphs in our math books.



Then we had a teachers vs students footy match during lunchtime. Students won!

After lunch we had completed the coin trail, raising money for each team. Carlton came 2nd!

In our last session, we had RMIT sport, playing footy.